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        2. LED lamp profiles

          LED lamp materials manufactured by Guanglong Aluminum are widely applied in commercial centers, public places and residential places as green energy products. PhotoDrawing

          Surveying instruments

          Tripod profiles manufactured by Guanglong Aluminum feature complete types and novel styles, and are widely applied in such fields as precision surveying, precision drawing, and shooting. Photo

          Spare parts for bicycles

          The spare part profiles for bicycles manufactured by Guanglong Aluminum feature complete types and novel styles and fit for various types of bicycles. Photo

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            Guanglong Jinli Aluminum Co., Ltd. is a joint venture of Dali Nonferrous Metal Group that is located at Dazhen Road Section, Guangfo Road, Dazhen Industrial Zone, Dali Town. The company has been engaged in one-stop service covering casting, extrusion, and oxidation and deep processing since 1990s, and is equipped of many production lines for materials to finished products. It has formed into industrial profiled bar manufacturers with certain scales.

            Guanglong Jinli Aluminum Co., Ltd. is equipped with a range of testing equipment and measuring instrument such as U.S. imported Baird optical spectrometers, hardness testers, oxidized film thickness testers, gloss testers. The company implements strict control over the quality and sticks to tenet of "quality first and customers foremost鈥?to ensure quality and quantity.

            Guanglong Jinli Aluminum Co., Ltd takes industrial profiles of leading products and specializes in processing aluminum tubes, LED aluminum shells, LED aluminum covers, aluminum profiles for aluminums, oxidized processing, common series profiles, aluminum welding wires, series products 6063, 6061, 6463, 6082 and 7005 and other aluminum alloy grades. The products are widely used in industrial shed frames, aluminum ladders, assisting shelves, architectural profiles, aluminum alloy windows and doors, surveying instrument tripods, electrical and electronic products, mechanical manufacturing, photo equipment, sporting instruments, measuring instruments, silk screening instruments, radiators, metal furniture chairs and tables, fishing tools, lamps and lamp decorations, kitchen appliances, and blankets, oxidized materials, electrophoresis materials, coating materials, processing programs such as dull polishing, sand blasting, surface polishing, mechanical polishing, drawing; and there are many color options such as bronze gold, chrome silver, stainless steel color, champagne colors, iron grey, bronze, red and black colors.

            The products processed by the company adopt an A00 pure aluminum ingot, the quality of which is higher than national standards and reaches up to international standards. The products pass German SGS environmental protection material certification and EU ROHS standards for export. We are expecting new and old customers to visit and we also accept drawing and samples.

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